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Last Version: 29/09/2021

Developers: Danielkrupinski


Osiris CSGO Hack, Best Osiris Cheat 2021

Everyone is looking for a constantly updated and safe hack in CSGO, this Osiris CSGO Hack is a very safe csgo hack. The developer updates it regularly every week and publishes it on GitHub. Developer Danielkrupinski is sharing the CSGO Osiris hack currently open source on GitHub. If you want to download this cheat from github you have to click herebut please note that you have to compile this csgo osiris hack. you will need Visual Studiofor this. Not everyone can have a very good performing computer, after all, not everyone is born rich in this fuckin’ world. that’s why we’ve added an osiris.dll to the Download button for you, ie a compiled and updated version. I guarantee that we will constantly update this Osiris CSGO cheat on our website.

Instructions for Using the Osiris CSGO Hack:

extract the RAR file from anywhere

open csgo

open csgoinjector.exe and type “Osiris”

press add to show/show menu1629548508 1613720090 pphud hack freeSimilar



Osiris CSGO Hack Features :

Aimbot – aim assist

Active – on/off the main switch

Mute – aimbot is not visible on your screen (client-side only)

Friendly fire – treat allies like enemies

Visible only – aim at visible players only

In scope only – aimbot only works when using binoculars (applies to sniper rifles only)

Ignore flash – ignore flash firing, so aim when local player shines

Ignore the smoke – ignore the smoke so aim when the target is in the smoke

Autofire – shoot automatically when the target is found

Recoil based fov – aimbot uses recoil as fov origin

Fov – field of view where aimbot is operating [0-255]

Max angle delta – maximum image angles per tick vary

Smooth – smooth aimbot motion to look more human

Bone – the bone the aimbot is targeting

Kickback control x – horizontal rebound control factor

Kickback control y – vertical kickback control factor

Triggerbot – fires automatically when the crosshair is on the enemy

Active – on/off the main switch

Key [key] – triggerbot only works when the selected key is held

Friendly fire – treat allies like enemies

Scoped only – triggerbot only works while using a scope (only for sniper rifles)

Ignore the flash – ignore the flash firing, so shoot when the local player shines

Ignore the smoke – ignore the smoke i.e. shoot while the target is in the smoke

Hitgroup – body parts the triggerbot works with

Shot delay – delay time in ms (milliseconds)

Backtrack – abuse of delay compensation to move players back in time

Active – on/off the main switch

Ignore the smoke – ignore the smoke i.e. the return when the target is in the smoke

Time limit – limit the trackback interval [1-200 ms]

Glow – create a glow effect on assets

Active – on/off the main switch

ESP for Osiris CSGO Hack:

Based on health – color depends on the hp of the player

Thickness – outline thickness

Alpha – outline alpha

Style – glitter style [0-3]

Allies – shining allied assets

ESP Multiple for Osiris CSGO Hack:

Enemies – polish enemy assets

Weapons – shining weapons

C4 – left glow C4 explosive

Planted C4 – glow planted a bomb

Chickens – Glow Chicken Entities

Chams – color player models to increase visibility

Active – on/off the main switch

Based on health – color depends on the hp of the player

Alpha – material transparency

Material – material applied to the model

Wireframe – create a triangular mesh instead of solid material

Allies – allies on / off and color applied to them

Visible allies – visible allies on / off and allies with color applied to them

Enemies – enemies on / off and color applied to them

Visible enemies – visible enemies on / off and color applied to them

Weapons – view model weapon cavities on / off and color applied to them

Hands – view model hands-on/off beams and color applied to them

Esp – shows information about the player position

Active – on/off the main switch

Instant lines – draw instant lines to players

Box – draw a 2D box on the player model

Name – draw a player name

Head point – draw point per player

Visuals – a variety of visual options

Disable post-processing – Disable post-processing effects to increase FPS

Inverted ragdoll gravity – reverse gravity acceleration on the falling player ragdoll corpse (during the death sequence)

No fog – remove fog from the map for better visibility

No 3D sky – remove the 3D skybox from the map – Increase FPS

No visual recoil – remove visual recoil punch effect OSIRIS CSGO HACK

No hands – raise arms/hands from a first-person view

No sleeves – remove the sleeved model from the first-person view

No weapon – remove the weapon model from the first-person view

No smoke – remove smoke bomb effect

No blur – remove blur

No coverage overlay – remove black overlay when scoping

Wireframe smoke – creates smoke skeleton instead of particle effect

Misc – Osiris CSGO Hack:

Flash reduction – reduces flash firing bomb effect [0 – 100%] (0 – full flash, 100 – no flash)

View model FOV – change view model FOV [-60-0-60] (0 – actual view model, negative values – minimized view

model, positive values – augmented view model)

Brightness – control game brightness [0.0-1.0]

Skybox – change the sky (box)

Earth color – set the earth material ambient light color

Miscellaneous – various features

Automatic penalty – an automatic penalty in the air after mouse movement

Bunny hop – automatically simulate pressing/releasing the spacebar while holding the skip button; increases movement


Clan tag – set custom clan tag

Animated clan tag – animated clan tag

Quick duck – remove the crouch delay

Sniper crosshair – draw the crosshair while holding the sniper rifle

Recoil crosshair – the crosshair follows the rebound pattern

Automatic pistol – fire guns such as automatic rifles

Auto reload – auto reload if the weapon has a blank clip

Auto accept – automatically accept the competitive match

Radar hack – show enemy locations on the radar

Reveal the ranks – show player ranks on the leaderboard in competitive modes

Spectator list – show nicknames of players watching you

Watermark – show the cheat name in the upper left corner of the screen and fps & ping in the upper right corner.

Fix animation LOD –

Config – configuration system based on binary serialization

Create config – create a new config file

Reset configuration – restore default configuration settings (does not touch saved configuration)

Load selected – load the selected configuration file

Save selected – save the selected configuration file

Delete selected – delete the selected configuration file

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