PUBG Mobile 1.8 FAST MOD


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Crash Fix

1- Do not log in with your main account. We do file exchange with this cheat, and this increases the risk.

2- Before installing the cheat application, install the Twitter application on your phone. Create a Twitter account and complete the training mode, then install the cheat application and log in with Twitter. If you try to log in with Google Play Games, it may give an error.

3- The APK file of the cheat is 64 bit. If you try to enter with another OBB file other than the OBB file I have given, you may get an error.

4- When the cheat screen appears, you can click the (FAST MOD) icon to turn the cheat into a closed window (icon).

5- LOG OUT from all platforms when you are done with the game. When you are going to play again, enter the game and if an update warning comes, DO NOT INSTALL.

6- I suggest you play 3 or 4 matches with a different (fake) account to see if the cheat is banned or not.

7- If you get an error that the daily device limit has been reached, this is because the cheat prevents you from getting a device ban by changing the device ID displayed by the game at every login. To resolve this error, you can log into the account with a different login method.

8- To restore the game to its original state, first change the names of com.tencent.ig in both OBB and data and delete the fraudulent APK. Then download and install the original APK file from your store. Restore the files we renamed. If the com.tencent.ig folder is automatically created in the OBB folder, put our backup OBB file in the automatically created folder here. If the com.tencent.ig folder is not created, enter the OBB folder, delete the fraudulent OBB file in the com.tencent.ig folder, and then create a folder as original OBB, enter the file we named and Cut/Cut our original OBB file to the com. Paste it into the tencent.ig folder and don't forget to rename the file to com.tencent.ig if you haven't done so.

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