Sausage Man Mod Injector v6.8 by Paradox


Sausage Man Mod Injector v6.8

Game Name: Sausage Man

Game Version: 12.69 (32 bit)

Needs Root: Yes

Mod Features

1. Bypass Login

2. Bypass Detect

3. Antena Head

4. Water Walk

5. Pink Body

6. No Recoil

7. Field of View

8. Xray SD 700+

9. Xray SD 800+

10. Wallshot

11. Underground

12. Wallbang

13. 404 Demage

14. Magic Bullet

15. Small Crosshair

16. Unlimited Aerocraft

17. No Smoke

18. Night Mode

19. Speed Run

20. Stupid AI

21. Glide Fast

22. No Shake

23. Wallhack

24. Fast Shot

How to run the mod? 

1. Install Sausage Man Injector apk

2. Hide Sausage Man on Magisk and Hide Magisk apk too

3. Install virtual (for not rooted phone) 

4. Run Sausage Man Injector and game on virtual

How do I download files ? 

You just open the link and download with Google Drive

I've downloaded the file but I can't find the file on my device, how do I do it?

 If you are stupid in using Google Drive, you should download directly on the browser and find the file in your usual folder to save for download

How to get key login ?

Click "get key" On bottom login and then skip ad 1 page for make me money:) And then copy Username and paste on home page (login page)

Why on my device some features don't work ?

Uninstall old inject version and install new version

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