Inertia Utility Mod 1.16.2


Free and working cheat Inertia Utility Mod for Minecraft [1.16.2]. Updated menu for the next update of the game Minecraft version 1.16.2. Great menu with great functionality. In this hack, you will find only the most necessary and relevant features for playing Minecraft. For example, there are such necessary functions as: Xray, Baritone, Block ESP, etc. You can see all the functionality on the screenshot, or download this cheat and test it yourself. We wish you good luck in the game !

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How to install:

1. Goto

2. If your on windows click "Download installer (Windows/.EXE)", if your not on windows click "Download installer (Universal/.JAR)"(you need to java install installed to open the file)

4. After it downloaded, run it

5. Select 1.16.2 from the minecraft version drop down

6. Click the install button

6. Go to your main .minecraft folder

7. If you have already have a mods folder rename it oldmods(or someting else)

8. Copy/cut the mods folder in this folder(folder with this file your reading) to your main .minecraft folder

9. Load/play the fabric version you installed(in the minecraft launcher), it should be automatically selected

Inertia Utility Mod [1.16.2]


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