ZEER Free Inventory Changer CSGO


ZEER Inventory Changer 

An interesting cheat on CSGO ZEER free Inventory changer that is available for download from our website. A unique cheat with good functionality for those who want to play with beautiful game skins in the game CS:GO. The cheat is controlled using a convenient menu where you can select the desired skin for weapons, as well as open the case, use any music pack, put any medal and much more. Additionally, there is a CFG download, you can configure the cheat once and after the next login to the game use your ready-made settings. Cheat without lags and ban, use this cheat and show off your beautiful skins to your friends.

Best free inventory changer for CS:GO

What we have:

use graffiti (temporarily disabled)

change agents

add music

change the color of weapons

add custom skins to your inventory

change ranks in matchmaking, teammates, danger zone

open cases

craft weapons (contracts)

see skins of other players (users of the zeer changer)

How to use

extract the archive to c:\

inject rxpaste.dll into csgo (use any injector for csgo)

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