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PUBG Hacks Cheats Aimbot, Esp

Get the best undetected PUBG hacks here Our PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround cheats have been constantly undetected and give you incredibly powerful options that will make you unbeatable on the battlefield! With the lowest detection rates since their release, we guarantee you our PUBG cheats will blow your mind!

With only the best features, the undetected PUBG cheats from have been dominating not only the market for game hacks, but making sure our customers do the same in-game as well! Even though the idea has been copied by many other games, PUBG is still considered the first true Battle Royale game. Using our safe PUBG hacks you will have no trouble beating any opponent leaving you last standing! Each hack is developed and ensured being undetected by any anti-cheat system, no matter how advanced! Developed for gamers by gamers, we are sure our game hacks will fit your needs!




✓ Enemies & Allies

✓ Vehicles

✓ Airdrops & Deathdrops

✓ Custom enemy color & bone thickness

✓ Custom item icon 


✓ HeadAim & Position

✓ Smooth

✓ FOV limit & Distance limit

✓ Custom Aim Key 

Special options

✓ 2D Map Radar

✓ Fight Mode

✓ Spectators count

✓ Menu language: English / Chinese / Korean


We offer various PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround cheats, each with different features and options. Also some may have other requirements than others. This is because each developer tries to develop their cheats in their own way for multiple reasons:

Anti-cheat system such as Battleye will have a harder time as each hack works totally different

Each feature requires different methods

It allows users to compare and choose the best one for them



Very often you might encounter the term wallhack or ESP, which is generally the same thing.

As wallhack suggests, it is the hack that will allow you to see through walls. Normally objects will obstruct your vision so you loose track of where the enemy is. A wallhack will display the location of the other players, so they have no way to hide from you.

ESP stands for ExtraSensory Perception. As said earlier, this is basically the same as a wallhack, but usually suggests much more than just the location. Often it is possible to show the name, the weapon and even the posture of the player by showing the bones like a stick figure.



An aimbot, an abbreviation for “aiming-robot” is an advanced software that will put your mouse in the position to aim exactly at a certain target. This will give you an extreme advantage as technically speaking you cannot miss. However, it is not as easy as it seems!

Many games have multiple factors, such as wind and gravity which means a perfect aim does not always hit. If the aimbots always instantly snap to the perfect aim and you alway hit perfect headshots, the game and anti-cheat systems can track you in no-time.

Most aimbots are equipped with settings such as smoothing to make the movement of the aiming much more natural, and FOV (field of view) which will ensure the aimbot only aims within that specific circle of view, so you don’t accidentally aim at someone behind you.



Together with the developers we test and ensure each PUBG cheat is safe to use. If it is not safe, we do not change the status to WORKING until we are 100% sure.

However, even with all our testing and security you are never safe from manual bans (also known as target bans). At any time people can report you. Reports stack up, and once you reach a threshold, a moderator can start looking into you. Then it is just a matter of you making a mistake and you can still get banned, even when the hack is safe! Always keep this in mind, that it can always happen.

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