Krunker Free Cheats Script


Krunker Free Script 

The Gaming Gurus has created a Krunker Cheat Loader that is always up to date and contains the four most popular Krunker cheats (Sploit, Dogeware, Skidfest, and Junker).

The new krunker cheat loader is a package of top-performing cheats available from quality developers. All these cheats are now added in one single loader for users to use whatever they want without loading other scripts one by one in tampermonkey.

The gaming gurus have developed or made this excellent free cheat loader for the game. The loader is supported with regular updates through API, and the only thing you will need to update is to connect it with tampermonkey extension and let it fetch the latest cheats and codes.

Once that is open, navigate over to Krunker.IO

Now you are on Krunker within the browser click on the tampermonkey icon in the top right, and click create a new script

Once you are there, remove the pre filled code and copy in the code from the script text file from the download file.

Once you are done, click file and then save. You should see the script be active on the dashboard.

Click on the settings tab, on the general section change the config mode to advanced. Then scroll down on the page to the experimental section and change the inject mode to instant.

Head over to Krunker.IO or refresh the game and you will now have working aimbot and hacks within the game.

Go to the menu and click the cheats icon on the bottom left to enable the cheats.

- Enjoy! 

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