Valorant Logitech Macro Script


Valorant Logitech Macro

The script, but because the mouse was pulled down "one by one", people watching could notice it.

In this new version, the mouse moves smoothly, while the dead players are watching you.

It won't notice that you're a macro.


Mouse moves down smoothly, viewers do not notice the macro and report it.


It works on any system where Logitech G HUB can be installed. (Of course Logitech GH's work

You need to use a Logitech mouse supported by LGH.)




After installing, press the G4 button on your mouse to run the script.

You can activate/deactivate. If you want, you can change this key in the code.


Script works best on Phantom gun. You can use it on all external automatic weapons.

DPI: 1200

Sensitivity for gaming: 0.6

Zoom precision: 0.999

If these sensitivities seem high to you, you can use the settings you want.

You can also use it in recoil support style.

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