Bleach Hacks For Minecraft – 1.18.1


Bleach Hacks Client:

Bleach mod is an open source client that can be found on github!

The read me section on the github page has a lot of useful information for opening the project on different operating systems.


Interesting hacks offered by bleach hacks:

[1] – Crystal Aura

This module obviously works best on low ping, there are quite a few settings and when configured correctly it is fast and quite strong.

[2] – Kill Aura

The kill aura module has a decent amount of settings and can be quite powerful when configured correctly.

[3] – Auto Totem

This module acts more like an Offhand module, it works well and overall was very reliable, Although it definitely lacks some settings.

[4] – Auto Armour

This module automatically replaces your broken armour, I am not sure if my ping was an issue or If I had it configured incorrectly but I had a few problems when using this module.

[5] – Surround

I personally quite like this module, even though it lacks some of the modes offered by other clients. It is fast and generally quite reliable.

[6] – Arrow Juke

This module attempts to dodge upcoming arrows fired by opposing players.

[7] – Anti Void

This module is useful on servers that have random holes in the bedrock around the spawn region.


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