Clean Phobos Hacks Minecraft Client - 1.12.2


Phobos Hacks Client

Everyone knows phobos as that sketchy client that had malware in it. Even the infamous Fit mc made a video on the topic which has now received over 2 million views. For anyone who doesn’t know what im talking about, The source code of phobos was leaked before it was finished. The devs were obviously upset so they added malware that was capable of stealing Chrome data, minecraft accounts and even Token logging peoples discord accounts.

Now obviously I’m not going to run malware for a youtube video, Soo

Today we are reviewing the cleaned version by GOPRO336 on github.


Some hacks offered by the Phobos Client:

[1] Auto Crystal – This module is well known for being fast on low ping and being very powerful, however On servers with a strict anti cheat like 2b2t you are better off with other clients.

[2] Kill Aura – There are a decent amount of settings and with a good config it can be powerful.

[3] Surround – At first I was having some issues due to a bad config but once I got it working I was impressed.

[4] Auto Armour – This module works better on lower ping, personally I like that it has an auto mend feature built in.

[5] Auto Trap – I found this module to be fast and fairly consistent. Sometimes it would break if a player was not centered although This is likely a ping or config issue.

[6] Offhand – Personally I really like this module. It works well and I know a few people who use phobos because its offhand module is so good.

[7] Fake Player – This module allows you to spawn a fake player to practice and make better configs. Personally I think it’s one of the better fake player modules out there with quite a few settings.

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