Earth Hacks:

Earth Hacks is yet another free and open source client that can be found on github.

Both the original github and gopros releases are listed down below!


Interesting Hacks Offered By Earth Hack:

[1] – Auto Crystal

This module has over 30 settings and as is expected from the phobos boys it is a very powerful module.

[2] – Kill Aura

This module again has nearly 50 different settings and the module is fast and powerful if you configure it correctly.

[3] – Offhand

With over 20 settings this may be the most customizable offhand module I have ever used or reviewed.

[4] – Surround

This module surrounds your feet in obsidian, it is fast and again has a lot of settings.

[5] – Piston Aura

This module automatically places crystals and then pushes them into other player’s safe holes with pistons. The module itself works but I found it to be a bit inconsistent. This may be caused by my ping.

[6] – Auto Armor

This module again has a huge amount of settings and the module itself is reliable and works well!

[7] – Bed bomb

This module places and explodes beds in the end and nether dimensions.

The module has a lot of settings and works but it isn’t the fastest bed bomb I have ever used.

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