Gamesense Minecraft Hacks - 1.12.2


Gamesense Hacks Client

Gamesense is yet another open source client that can be found on github. Unlike the other clients I have reviewed, Gamesense has been discontinued and will no longer be receiving any updates. For now this is not too much of an issue as most of the pvp servers and even big anarchy servers like 2b2t are still on Minecraft version 1.12.2 In the future when these update Gamesense will likely be left behind.


Hacks offered by Gamesense:

[1] Auto Crystal – This module is fast with low ping and has ample settings, when configured correctly it can be very powerful.

[2] Kill Aura – There are quite a few settings and overall it is a decent module.

[3] Offhand – I was pleasantly surprised to see how many settings this module offered, making a good config can be somewhat difficult but when done right this is an awesome module.

[4] Piston crystal – this module Places and extends a piston pushing a crystal into an opponent’s hole. This was very popular for a while but seems to be used slightly less these days.

[5] cev breaker – this module Rapidly breaks and places obsidian and crystals above a target’s head. This is only really helpful on servers where packetmine works.

[6] Auto Anvil – this module Automatically traps opponents, then places anvils overhead to attempt to destroy their helmet.

[7] Hole fill – this module automatically Fills holes with obsidian to block opponents from entering. There are quite a few settings and overall it is a well made module.

[8] Surround – Surrounds your feet with obsidian to prevent end crystal attacks, this module has a decent amount of settings and when configured correctly is a literal life saver.

How to download Gamesense:

There are multiple ways of downloading a jar from github, the best practice is to compile the source code yourself. The reason this is done is to prevent the owner from publicly displaying code that is safe and then uploading a malicious jar file for people to download.

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