Lambda Minecraft Cheats Client 1.12.2


Lambda Minecraft Cheats Client

Lambda is a free, open-source, Minecraft hack / hacked client 1.12.2 utility mod made for the anarchy experience. A visionary plugin system that allows additional modules to be added, without the need to create a fork! Customize your experience, and improve your efficiency !


Review of the Minecraft Lambda Client:

For anyone that doesnt know Lambda is the continuation of Kami blue which has since been discontinued. Whoever set up the repository did an amazing job, It looks clean and there is a fair amount of information on the client. I Have never seen a download button built into the read me section before, but I am a fan of this. In the past I have received so many comments of people asking how to use github and how to download a client. I also like how they have the version, amount of downloads and a bunch of other information on display.

Main features of the Lambda Client:

User created plugin library

Public source code

Dozens of modules

Actively developed

How to use:

Install Minecraft 1.12.2

Install Forge

Download the mod file here

Put the file in your .minecraft/mods folder

Some of the most important features explained:

[1] – Anti Hunger

This module stops you from taking hunger which can be very helpful for escaping spawn on anarchy servers.

[2] – Elytra Replace

This module swaps your Chestplate with an elytra. This is generally just a nice edition although it can also be used to get out of sticky situations.

[3] – Auto Obsidian

This module automatically brakes ender chests for Obsidian, this is only useful on servers where you have duped Echests and need obsidian.

[4] – Container Preview

This module shows you what is in a shulker box without opening it. This is crucial on servers with illegal items.

[5] – Mob Owner

This module lets you see who originally owned or tamed an animal. While this isn’t that helpful it can be very interesting.

[6] – Trajectories

I always have this module on. It shows you the trajectory of pearls and other throwable items.

[7] – Scaffold

This module places blocks under your feet, I found it works well for the most part, but sometimes is a little buggy when pilliring upwards.

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