Seppuku Hacks Minecraft Client - 1.12.2


Minecraft Seppuku Hacks

Seppuku is definitely one of the better Free clients for Minecraft 1.12.2.

I would recommend trying this client for yourself, and maybe even trying to pair it with other more PVP focused clients. With all of this being said no client is ever perfect and I would love to see small improvements like a custom font option or the tooltips bug being fixed in the future.


Hacks offered by Seppuku:

[1] – Log Out Spots

This module shows you where opposing players log out, this can be useful to setup traps to spite them for taking the easy way out.

[2] – Portal Finder

This module highlights nearby portals through blocks. This is amazing for anarchy servers, especially if you want to change dimensions and dont have the resources to create your own portal.

[3] – Sprint

This module is for all of the lazy people like myself. It makes it so that your character is always sprinting.

[4] – Auto Wither

This module automatically creates Withers for you, this can save time and make griefing a base much easier.

[5] – Donkey Alert

I know I have personally gone out looking for donkeys and or lamas at some point, well this module will notify you if donkeys or llamas enter your render distance.

[6] – No Hunger

This module can be helpful to newer players that are trying to escape spawn with no food. Just remember to turn the module off if you want to mine blocks.

[7] – Auto Gapple

This module automatically switches to and eats a grapple when your health reaches a specific threshold.

[8] – No Desync

This module tries to keep the client and its modules synchronized, this is very helpful especially on servers with a low TPS.

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