Wurst Minecraft Hacks Client - 1.18.1


Wurst Hacks Client

Wurst is a very well known client that has its own custom website, the project is also open source and they also have a public github repository.


The best hacks offered by Wurst:

[1] – Auto Farm

This module automatically harvests and then replants crops while you go afk.

[2] – Auto Builder

This module can automatically build bridges and other structures, you can customize this module by writing into the .json file.

[3] – Bone meal Aura

This module automatically bone meals nearby crops, you can customize what crops the module works on.

[4] – Excavator

This module will break all of the blocks in a selected area, this can be very useful for clearing areas to build on.

[5] – Anti Water push

This module stops water from pushing you, this can be very helpful especially when making farms or on anarchy servers.

[7] – Anti wobble

This module disables the annoying wobble effect when you are inside of a nether portal, it also removes the nausea effect from potions.

[8] – Troll potion

This module only works in creative, it creates a potion with a wide array of very annoying effects for trolling other players.


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