Apex Legends Hacks : BananaLand Chams v1.0


Workers free hacks for the Royal battle of Apex Legends for Origin. Shoot accurately, find out the location of enemies with hacks for Apex Legends

Finally our apex legends hacks updated for latest patch. As you wished we have added color settings. Now, you can even customize your team / enemy color without any issues.

Game: Apex Legends

Version: v1.0

Acces: Prime Member+

Credits: Memoryhackers

Platform: Steam,Origin


-Team Chams

-Enemy Chams [Visible included]

[EN] How to use ?

1- Open memoryui loader.

2- Go to ui.memoryhackers.org and select Apex Legends.

3-Select BananaLand hack and press load.

4- Open the game

You will hear sound if everything is normal. Enjoy.

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