Anime Catching Simulator Script: Auto Farm, Auto Hatch


The new roblox script on the game Anime Catching Simulator, which can be considered the best to date, and fans of this game recommend it to download and use. The script has a graphical interface and features like: Auto Click Attack, Teleport to Mobs, Sell Mobs, Auto Hatch, Equip Best Weapons, Infinite Jump, Walkspeed and others. Anime Catching Simulator is a roblox game in which players can collect and trade anime-inspired creatures called "Anitons". Players can explore different worlds, complete quests, and battle other players to level up and earn rewards. The game features a variety of Anitons with unique abilities and strengths, and players can use these creatures to battle bosses and earn rare loot. With regular updates and events, Anime Catching Simulator offers an engaging and constantly-evolving gameplay experience for anime fans and gamers alike.

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