Apex Legends NoRecoil Script for all weapons (S14Update)


The Best Free Hack for Apex Legends.

An up-to-date and working cheat script for the game Apex Legends. Cheat from sayoui001 is a universal solution for many players, with this simple script you can adjust the recoil of any type of weapon in the Apex game and thereby you will shoot much more accurately from any type of weapon. The developer tried and made an excellent script, there will be updates in the future, so keep an eye on our site so as not to miss the latest information.


0. You must have hyde.dll and hyde64.dll files otherwise the script won't hide from Windows.

1. Download and install AHK from here.

2. Edit your sens and zoomsens in settings.ini

3. Run Start.ahk as admin.

4. Set whatever you want.

4.1 Set secondary fire button to 9. Otherwise P2020 and Hemlok auto fire won't work.

5. Enjoy

5.1 Press END on keyboard to exit the script

 Know issue


- S14 Update.

- Update Spitfire, R99, RE45, CAR and Alternator. ( Pattern not have enough test so it maybe weird )

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