Apex Legends (R5Reloaded) Wallhack ESP - Box, Line, Distance, HealthBar


A new and free ESP (Wallhack) cheat for Apex Legends Using this cheat in the game, you will have a greater advantage over other players; your opponents will be highlighted and stand out through the textures on the map, such as walls or any other structures. Very easy to install and configure.

ESP Box, ESP Line, ESP Distance, and ESP HealthBar are all specific features that are included in the ESP cheat for Apex Legends.

ESP Box: This feature adds a frame around other players' characters, making them more visible and easier to aim.

ESP Line: This feature displays a line connecting the player's character to the location of other players, indicating their direction and distance.

ESP Distance: This feature displays the distance between the player character and other objects or players, making it easier to navigate and plan your strategy.

ESP HealthBar: This feature displays the health status of other players, which gives the player an advantage in combat by allowing him to see weakened opponents.

Menu key: [F11]

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