Build A Boat For Treasure Script: Water GodMode, Auto Farm


We try to publish more often scripts for popular roblox games, Build A Boat For Treasure is one of them, all the scripts for this game on our website are free to download, but some of them may no longer work, so we advise you to try the script that we are now publishing, it has a graphical interface and features such: AutoFarm, Water GodMode, Auto Chests, Teleports, Player Settings, FPS Boost and others. The script, like all the others, is easy to activate, as it does not require a key. 

Build A Boat For Treasure - created in 2016 and constantly gaining popularity roblox game. It has a fairly simple concept, but it can drag on for hours. In BABFT, you have to build a ship on the allotted area. The boat has to be strong, reliable and preferably controllable, because it has a long distance to cover. Using the script it will be much easier and faster to cover this distance.

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