ExtrimHack - CSGO Cheat


This cheats for CS:GO are prohibited program that gives you a big advantage in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is the most popular CS GO cheat in Russia and CIS. I can prove it: on ezcheats this cheat has more than right now.

This cheat works on the latest version of Steam CS: GO and is not detected by VAC anti-cheat (undetected).

Yay! Injector merged with cheat already. You don't need any other programs!

How to run:

First of all: close CS GO and Steam!

Then run Cheat exe.

Click "Start".

Launch Steam and Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

You will hear a beep sound, it means cheat has been injected.

You just need to configure the functions.

You can minimize the cheat menu using the Insert or SHIFT + F5.


AimBot (Legit bot) 

WallHack (ESP) 

Skin Changer

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