Fortnite Project ERA Cheats - Aim, ESP, Teleport


This is a new free cheat for Fortnite ERA, which is an internal hack and includes in its functionality a small number of cheat options. For example, there are everyone's favorite functions for precision shooting, such as Aimbot, Draw FOV Circle, and Silent Aimbot, as well as the ability to see the players and objects through the map textures using the cheat option ESP. Additionally, the developer of the hack added to the cheat's teleport objects the flight of the player.

Fortnite Project ERA is becoming increasingly popular, and many players are starting to play the old classic Fortnite, which is available free to everyone from enthusiastic developers who have created a mod with which you can go back in time in the game Fortnite.




Shoot through walls with all weapons

Player Fly (disabled because ERA will kick you)

Visible check

Projectiles Teleport (Sniper TP, Grenades etc..)

How to use the Fortnite Era Hack:

Use any working injector that will support the Fortnite Era


Run the cheat during the game, not in the lobby.

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