Genshin Impact Free Cheat – Map Teleport, Speed, NoClip, Gravity, FPSUnlock


Genshin Impact Free Cheat

I want to share with you this wonderful hack with which you will have more gaming opportunities in the game, you will be like a server administrator, you will be able to teleport to any point on the map, you will have the opportunity to use flight, turn on any speed of movement and much more.

Features of the Genshin Impact cheat:

Map Point & Click Teleport (You can click on any point on the map in the cheat where you want to teleport to).

Teleport Spoofer (Teleport to any location by spoofing the spawncoordinates)

Instant Teleport (Teleport immediately to a location nearby)

Safe Location (Save your current location, you can then use it yourself in the cheat and share it with others)

Safed Locations on Map (Displays the current selected Safepoint Location on the cheat map)

Create Map (You can make your own screenshot of any place on the map, import it into the cheat and then use it as a map to teleport and save waypoints to. You can also share it with others. Great for making farm route maps.)

Gravity (You can modify the gravity to positive and negative)

Speed (Run and fly faster than Sonic)

NoClip (Bug you through any wall)

FPS Unlocker (Finally 250 FPS..)

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