MINECRAFT vape client v4.0


vape client v4.0

the popular private hack vape client on Minecraft. To date, this hack is the best among other free hacks on Minecraft. All functions that are highlighted in white work to this day, and many servers MINECRAFT has not yet blocked for the use of this hack, so the chance to get banned for this cheat is very low, play for fun and surpass other players on many criteria. What can this cheat on Minecraft? Yes, almost everything I will tell you, there are features such as: GUI where you can change your game beyond recognition, and there is a category "Cobmat", and it has a variety of functions, ranging from AimAssist - this function will help you clearly, accurately and quickly deal damage to the enemy without a single miss, and ending with AutoClicker-this function will automatically deal damage to your enemy, creeps, etc.You will also be able to easily see your opponents through textures, various creatures, inventory items and much more. 

Hurry up to download this hack while it works. At the moment, the cheat is relevant only for Minecraft servers on version 1.8.9.


run fix.bat as admin

start Minecraft, be sure to forge

run vape_v4.exe or vape_lite.exe by dragging and dropping into Kangaroo Patcher.exe

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