My Restaurant Hack: AutoFarm, Teleports, FPS Booster


We are finally pleased to present a new hack for Roblox game My Restaurant, it was released under the name Axure Hub from the developer dankko_memero#7478, does not require an activation key and has these features: Auto Farm, FPS Booster, Teleports, Infinite Yield and others. The last actual My Restaurant script was released last August, most likely it's no longer working, because the game has been updated many times since then, so if you were looking for a new My Restaurant script we recommend you choose this one.

My Restaurant is a wonderful Roblox game in which players can run their own restaurant. But that's not all fun and games. If you want a profitable and fun restaurant, you need to make the most of the space the game gives you to ensure an easy time for your customers and your staff.

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