Rainbow Six Siege - AFK Farm Bot (BattlePass Farm)


A new free cheat for Rainbow Six Siege with AFK Farm Bot function, which you can download and use to farm a lot of glory points, levels or BattlePass. This is a very easy farm bot to use and farming using is extremely easy if you follow the instructions. This software should be used when you are not doing anything at your computer, for example when you walk or sleep, you can leave it on overnight and get the results in the morning.


This Bot can Play every Mode!

The Bot has 2 Modes.

Mode: Human - He can do everything but not kill.

Mode: AFK - The Bot looks like your AFK.

Random Positions to Click (for Buttons)


Use Ability

Able to change the Map in T-Hunt

Show the Bot actions

Choose only Doc

Make a Pause between Games (Looks like a Human)

Run the Game without Battleye

Can Run in Borderless/Fullscreen Game window Mode

(Bot is Programmed in AHK)

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