Rise 6.0 Client Minecraft Cheat


Rise Client is a private cheat client for Minecraft that hides a collection of combat, competitive and multiplayer improvements that significantly increase the chances of winning on multiplayer PVP maps and local servers in Survival mode.

Rise Client Features:
Official support for Windows operating systems, starting with Win7, and Minecraft version 1.12.2 and newer;
More than 200 functions and settings, divided into categories: "Battles", "Chat", "Movement", "Vulnerabilities - the cheat client instantly adds strength;
Built-in encryption and substitution of Minecraft versions, designed to bypass the protection of multi-user servers, including Mineplex and Minemen;
Lightning-fast activation and deactivation of parameters - cheats come into effect with a delay of a couple of seconds;
A special algorithm for checking anti-cheat algorithms on the server: before launching some functions, the client will warn about possible consequences.
Cheat settings and content
The Rise cheat client is fully integrated into the Minecraft interface: it displays statistical information in several parts of the screen, displays the status of the character and allows you to change additional parameters using the called overlay.

HUD: a list of activated cheats is displayed on the top right (accelerated movement, automatic attack, endless sprint, protection from damage received when falling), on the left – the current FPS, PING and status on the server, and in the center – detailed information about opponents, blocks and even the contents of chests.

How to launch the Rise Client
download Rise.rar from this page
move the Rise folder from the archive to .minecraft/versions
in your favorite launcher, find the new version called Rise and run it

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