War Tycoon Roblox Hack: Infinite Ammo, Anti AFK


For the first time on appears hack on roblox game War Tycoon. It is called GNHub, designed in a graphical interface and like all past hacks and scripts does not require a key to activate. The hack has the following features: Anti AFK, Infinite Ammo, No Reload, Delete Doors and Gates, Teleports, Player Settings, Aimbot and others. Today it is a great development to improve your game, we advise you to download and use it. War Tycoon is a popular game genre on the Roblox platform. In War Tycoon, players build and manage their own military base, recruit soldiers and engage in battles with other players. Typically, the goal of the game is to expand and improve their base, explore new technologies and improvements, and ultimately defeat all other players.

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