Car Factory Tycoon Roblox Script: Auto Farm, Auto Sell

Introducing on our website a new script on roblox game Car Factory Tycoon which has recently gained very high popularity, on this occasion, we will search it more often and publish scripts.

This script will be the second script on our site, it was developed by the author of Cxetive™#7011, and comparing to the last script that we added, this one has many more features, among them: Auto Farm, Auto Fill Materials, Auto Sell, Auto Get Airdrop, Redeem All Codes, Auto Upgrades and others.

When we published the last script, then the game was online about 3000 players, since that time a week has passed and the online is already almost 30000 players, it’s a very big figure, the game really likes the users. Script for Car Factory Tycoon you can download as usual from our website for free, use it and become better!

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