CS 1.6 Hacks - Evelion ESP (Bypass, Stream Proof)


Evelion ESP is a safe external cheat for the game Counter-Strike 1.6, which you can download for free from our website. If you want the most simple but safe cheat for which you will not get banned in CS 1.6 Steam, then this hack will perfectly fit your requirements. Using Evelion in the game CS 1.6 you will be able to activate a single cheat function ESP, with which you will see enemies and allies through walls and other textures on the map. Optionally enable the Box ESP function or display the player's nickname.

Evelion menu cs 1.6 hacks
How to use
This cheat is made for 8684 steam build. Works only in windowed mode.

  1. Start the CS 1.6 game in windowed mode
  2. Run the cheat Evelion.exe
  3. open the menu by pressing INSERT or FN+INS key

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