Free MultiHack ProExt for CS2


Free hack for Counter-Strike 2 from the developer vytrol. This is a full-fledged MultiHack with a large selection of features, easy management and constant updates from the developer. ProExt is based on the well-known hacks CS2_External and AimStar. Using this hack in the game CS2 you will be able to control functions via GUI, for example, there are settings for Aimbot, ESP, TriggerBot, Bomb Timer, Crosshair, Spectator List, visual GUI settings and many other features that will be added and updated.

This ProExt cheat for Counter-Strike 2 is available for free and you do not need to get keys to activate it. Download this hack from our website, run it in two clicks and enjoy the convenient, fast and affordable ProExt hack.

ESP 👁️
Aimbot 🎯
Triggerbot 💨
Crosshair ⌖
Radar 📡
Bomb Timer 💣
Spectator List 👀
Styling 🖌️

FPS drops when focusing on the menu, any way to fix that?

The solution to the problem is very simple. Type the following command in the console: engine_no_focus_sleep 0

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