Jailbreak Roblox Cheat: AimBot, Fly, ESP

Jailbreak Roblox Cheat

Introducing a new cheat on roblox Jailbreak that has a beautiful graphical user interface called Vestra. The cheat has the following functions: AimBot, Fov, ESP (Boxes, Distance, Tracer), Fly, JumpPower, Walkspeed, Infinite Jump and others. This cheat is very easy to use, his functions perform many tasks that you have been difficult to handle themselves. Roblox Jailbreak is a popular game on the Roblox platform, in which players can simulate a jailbreak or play the role of a police officer trying to prevent an escape. The game was created by user Badimo and his team, and was released in 2017. Jailbreak gained a lot of popularity on Roblox and became one of the most popular games on the platform. It has also inspired many other similar games on Roblox and other gaming platforms.

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