Jailbreak Script - ESP, Infinite Jump, NoClip, Aimbot

Jailbreak is the original map in Roblox, with two modes at once. That’s where you can play as a bandit or a policeman. In this mode, constant development of the plot is possible, so you can play more than once. The user is given a choice: a policeman or a bandit. He must choose exactly the group in which he would like to play. Opportunities for both characters are different, so the choice must be carefully considered your actions. The cop is required to catch bad guys and punish them, while the bandit is required to rob banks and jewelry stores.

With the Jailbreak script, you get more features and benefits, there are many functions available to you, some of them you will see in the screenshot, but we advise you to try out all the functions of the script personally.

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