Roblox Counter Blox Hack: Aimbot, TriggerBot, ESP

Since last September we have not published hacks and scripts on Counter Blox, finally it’s their turn again. Introducing a hack developed by the author Sedahades#3101, has a graphical interface and the following functions: Aimbot, Silent Aim, TriggerBot, Speed, ESP, Kill All, No Fall Damage, Inf Ammo and many others, has everything you need to be unkillable in this roblox game and constantly win.

Counter-Blox is a multiplayer first-person shooter game on the Roblox platform. Players can join a team of terrorists or counter-terrorists and take part in various game modes, such as Bomb Disposal and Deathmatch. The game features a range of weapons and equipment that can be purchased with in-game currency earned during the game. Thanks to its fast-paced gameplay and realistic graphics, Counter-Blox is a popular choice for Roblox players who enjoy competitive shooters.

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