Lethal Company Free Hacks


Lethal Company Steam PC, which you can download from this page. This is a simple solution for many players who want to simplify their gameplay. Using this free hack in the game Lethal Company you will be able to activate the cheat function ESP with which you will see players through the textures on the map, as well as objects, doors and more.

At the moment the cheat is in beta test and therefore there may be problems during launch and during the game. Keep an eye out for updates so you don't miss the current version of the hack.

Working features:

ESP (Friendly, Enemy, Item, etc..)

Enemy count top left of screen

Infinite sprint

God mode

Infinite Item Power (If you are not the host, drop the item and pick it back up for a full charge.)

Add 200 Cash

Unlimited Scan Distance

Give player XP (must be in a lobby) (Adding more than 1500 XP is useless. highest level is Boss = 1500XP)

All scrap have 420 cash value. (Must be activated before starting a map. Host Only)

Lethal Company esp free hack

How to use:

Download and run SharpMonoInjector v2.5

Settings for the injector:

Namespace: LCHack

Class: Loader

Method: Init

Insert the LCHack_.dll file using SharpMonoInjector

Menu opens with INS(INSERT) or FN+INS.

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