Sea Of Thieves - External ESP, Aimbot (Steam/Xbox)


Do you play Sea of Thieves? If so, you're at the right place. Especially for you, we spread this free, working cheat on Sea Of Thieves with ESP functionality-to see through the textures on the map, as well as the Aimbot function with which you will hit exactly the target. The features of this hack are unlimited and you will be able to configure the functions you need yourself, as well as use additional tools. The cheat is suitable for both the Steam client and Xbox. The probability of getting a ban is very low. The developer keeps track of the hack, so updates are released frequently, follow the updates on the site so as not to get banned for using the old version of the hacks.

Works With Steam and Xbox Versions

Simple Menu
Custom Keybinds
All Items
Other Stuff
Insert - Open Menu
Right Click Box - Set Custom Keybind

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