Shoot and Eat Noobs Script, Auto Farm & More

This Roblox exploit contains two key features:

Auto Shoot Noobs: Automatically targets and shoots any noob in range.
Auto Eat Noobs: After killing noobs, automatically eats them to rapidly regain health.
Together, these auto features enable effortless noob-hunting. You’ll shoot, feast on, and farm noobs without any manual effort.

How to Use
Roblox Shoot and Eat Noobs Script
Using the script is simple:

Copy the script code below
Launch Shoot and Eat Noobs
Paste the code into your Roblox exploit
Execute the script
Watch it automatically hunt and eat noobs for you!
Our Shoot and Eat Noobs auto farm script allows hands-free noob targeting, shooting, and eating. Follow the instructions above to start dominating the game with this Roblox exploit!

We hope our free Pastebin hack enhances your Shoot and Eat Noobs experience. Bookmark for more powerful Roblox scripts and cheats !

Shoot and Eat Noobs Script


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