The Finals reWASD with norecoil


The Finals reWASD with norecoil

Hello, today I will share with you the no recoil reWASD in The finals and show you the settings that need to be made.

If your mouse is moving, you can move the mouse by pressing the alt key. To turn it off, just press the tab key. If it does not work, ctrl+alt+del will work.

There is a pirated version of reWASD for version 6.6, but the config I made works on 7.0 and above.

(you can find it by typing reWASD on github)

If you have any problems, contact us via Dc.

My DC name: Algart

Note: There is a possibility that it may not work with wireless mice, so special settings are required.

You can write on DC or comment here.

If it doesn't work, bypass is required, so contact me via DC.

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