Valorant Aimbot Only Hack Download, Undetected Safe


Valorant Free Hack Download, Aimbot 2024 Undetected No Ban

Hello, everyone, I am here with a new cheat for valorant, This new hack is really amazing, I played more than 10 rounds with this hack and the cheat is still undetected, If you are here looking for free valorant hacks download then you have come to the right place.

Valorant Lol Menu is made from pean’s old source, The cheat is designed new and functions really well. This hack is a little hard to use for some people but the cheat is worth using.

  • Status of the Hack: Working (use at your own risk)
  • Last Update of the cheat: 2024
  • The developer of the hack: 10Head

Features of the Valorant Hack

Add your own settings
Works in Fullscreen Mode

Instructions of the free Valorant Hack

First Install Interception driver
Now Download the Hack from below
put all the file on the desktop (u can put it in the 1 folder for neat and clean desktop ^^)
the interception go to this pc/properties/advance system settings/environment variables/system path/path
then click new/browse then find the interception
once u did it Run Cmd as admin then type ‘install interception.exe
then type install interception.exe /install
then reboot/restart pc
and you are done setting the interception driver.
Download extreme injector from here: Click me
then put dll on it
then open notepad/winrar or any process
winrar is x64 x32 boom inject
done press OK + write in console 0.15 1 or 2
Set enemy highlight color to purple

New Step Bypass Important to use

Download the program (rawaccel) and install it.
Restart your computer and open the logotech gaming hub running at the bottom without running into events.
Even if rawaccel is installed, interception should be installed in two of them.
Now inject the aimbot dll into the 32 bit program, enter the game and have fun.
Don’t miss any step.
If you get any errors
Follow this Steps


1- put on the manual map in settings in the extreme.
2- download interception.dll and pull to the folder containing rage.dll/legit.dll.
3- install visual studio with the options .net & c++.

Config for Valorant Hack



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